2013 Hoe-Down is one for the record books

There’s just no getting over it: we love the TherAplay Hoe-Down and Wild West Casino. Where else can you ride a mechanical bull; meet the hardworking hooves behind our therapy program; play roulette, poker, and craps; and dance the night away with 100% of the proceeds going to a not-for-profit organization that creates new opportunities for children with special needs?

Every Hoe-Down is a good Hoe-Down. But this year? Even better, in part because…

Something extraordinary happened


The live auction is one of the highlights of the Hoe-Down. Each year our attendees hold their bid numbers high in effort to become the proud owner of exciting items like exotic vacation and travel packages. They also jump in to sponsor our dedicated therapy horses through the Fund-a-Horse program.

This year we added something new to the live auction: Fund-an-Item. $14,000 would fully fund the Patient Electronic Medical Records hardware and software. The PEMR would help TherAplay improve efficiency and bring the medical recordkeeping portion of our clinic into the 21st century, but would people get excited about it? Would they understand how an PEMR would help us provide even better care for the special needs kiddos we serve?

We held our breath as the auctioneer announced to the 400+ Hoe-Down attendees: “$14,000 will cover the cost of equipment and software for the Electronic Medical Records System. Is there anyone who would like to donate $14,000?” And then we waited. The whole room went quiet.  

Until bidder #104 raised his card.

That’s when the room exploded


More than 400 people spontaneously leapt to their feet then, as one, turned to bidder #104 and greeted his generosity with thunderous applause.

We wish – oh how we wish! – we could share his name with you. There’s nothing we’d like more than to publicly acknowledge his generosity but he’s asked to remain anonymous and of course we respect that wish. 

Thank you bidder #104, for your generosity, for your encouragement, and for all that you have made possible with your donation.

There’s more to celebrate

As you can see, the 2013 Hoe-Down was clearly one for the record books. And there’s more great news in store. We invite you to continue the celebration with us: