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Celebrating everyday independence days

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At Children’s TherAplay, independence day comes around many times each year. No, not the fourth of July but the individual independence days our kiddos work so hard, through their equine-assisted physical and occupational therapies, to reach.

Ready to learn about – and celebrate! – each of these kiddos’ individual independence days? Read on!

Ian: Communication

Individual independence days look different for every child. For Ian, who is mostly nonverbal, that day of independence involves communication. His steady work with occupational therapist Miss Leah has helped him develop the visual and fine motor skills to type his name on a keyboard or hand-write it. His whole world is opening up – and there’s so much more to come.

Ollie: Mobility

For kiddo Ollie, shown here after on-the-horse treatment time with physical therapist Miss Teresa, it comes through mobility. When he first began coming for treatment at Children’s TherAplay, Ollie had such limited mobility that his parents could reliably park him in a spot at home for a few minutes and find him in the exact same place when they came back.

With steady physical and occupational therapy treatment, that has changed dramatically. Ollie’s mom recently asked his older brother to watch Ollie. When she came back, her little guy was sitting in an armchair. “Did you put Ollie there?” she asked. Nope! Ollie climbed up and seated himself all by himself.

Ryan: Engaging with peers

When occupational therapist Miss Kaylin saw this photo, with kiddos Ryan and Whitney, for the first time she exclaimed, “That makes me so happy!”

Why? Because it shows how very far Ryan has come in feeling comfortable enough to engage his peers. How did it happen? Through steady improvements in occupational therapy and a little ingenuity: Kaylin and physical therapist Miss Sue brought kiddos Ryan and Whitney together during treatment to help each of them progress towards their goals. It’s not just working beautifully. It’s working joyfully.

Grace: Participating in school activities

Kiddo Grace thought she was going to have to change schools. That was the only thing she could think of that would allow her to avoid the dreaded maypole dance she'd otherwise be required to perform in. Actually, it’s a beautiful dance … unless you’re unable to skip and weave about and curtsey like your fellow dancers

So Grace and her mother spoke with physical therapist Miss Teresa. And set a very big goal. Find out what it took to achieve that goal -- and cheer Grace on as you see the results via video.

Happy independence day kiddos! Congratulations and keep up the great work!

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