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What the Indy 500 drivers had to say about the #Horsepower500

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The Indy 500 drivers are elite athletes who compete on one of the world's biggest stages. So what's one more win, in a tricycle race no less(!), to someone who took the series championship last year and currently has the most points in the field?

Josef Newgarden's exultant fist-pumping, carrot-whirling victory dance at the end of the final #Horsepower500 heat says it all.

Stay tuned for more fun updates, including the grand total that was raised to fund life-changing treatments for the kiddos. In the meantime, enjoy Josef's celebration -- notice him point down to his kiddo copilot Mason at the end of the speedway in thanks for the perfect hand-off -- then keep scrolling to find more posts from our 2018 competitors.




There's more!



















Favorites from the #Horsepower500 feed

Make sure you click the Comments button at the bottom of this post to see attendee's favorite photos and moments. They're spectacular!













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