A little tricycle-roping practice | Hoe-Down

You don’t usually (okay, ever) see anyone taking roping lessons at Children’s TherAplay, but today was different because tomorrow/Wednesday, at 9:15 a.m. physical therapist Miss Teresa will be on FOX59 News talking about treatment at Children’s TherAplay … and the Sept. 22 Hoe-Down!

Two friends will be helping her out.null

Kiddo Asa will be showing off some of the skills he’s developed through physical and occupational therapies. (When he first began treatment at Children’s TherAplay he didn’t have the strength or stamina to play with his buddies. But now he’s riding a bicycle. All by himself! Way to go Asa!)

And Ryan the roper will be giving the Fox 59 team a feel for one of the fun new elements at the Children's TherAplay Hoe-Down: mechanical calf-roping. The mechanical calf is in northern pastures at the moment, so Ryan’s going to show the anchors how to lasso a tricycle.

You can see Cowboy Asa had a fine time giving that lasso a whirl. And he did quite well, too! (He won’t be roping on Sept. 22, though. The Hoe-Down is adults-only.)

You can watch the live stream of the segment here at 9:15 to see how the Fox 59 folks do. And then rope up your Hoe-Down tickets here.

UPDATE: Missed the live segment? Enjoy it here. 

Ray Cortopassi roping FOX59