And the winner is... | Bull-riding battle

The numbers are still coming in but it’s safe to say that the 2018 Children’s TherAplay Hoe-Down was one of the most successful ever. (THANK YOU!!!) More details to come.

In the meantime find out, in this RTV 6 video, what happened – and who took home the medals! – when our competitors “grabbed life by the horns” in the local media mechanical bull-riding battle at the Hoe-Down.


Hats-off to all our intrepid competitors

  • Team RTV 6 (team champions!): Amanda Starrantino, evening anchor (and grand champion); Graham Hunter, reporter; Marc Mullins, evening anchor
  • Team Radio: Casey Vallier, Mornings with Dave O’Brien co-host, Country 97.1 HANK FM; Anders Krohn, broadcaster, IndyCar Radio (and also NBC Sports)
  • Team IndyStar and IndyCar: Natalia Contreras, Hamilton County Things To Do reporter, IndyStar; Jack Harvey, Indy 500 driver, Meyer Shank Racing with Schmidt Peterson Motorsports
  • Team CBS 4: Rachel Bogle, morning traffic reporter; Star Derry, meteorologist
  • Team Blogger: Kate Ruddell, lifestyle and events blogger,; Sierra Jackson, food and lifestyle blogger, 

Learn more (and find out what inspired each of them to take on the bull!).