Brush, Brush, Brush!

Brush, Brush, Brush!

Brushing teeth. It's something we all do (hopefully!) every single day, and we may not even think about the mechanics of it. However, for many little ones, especially those experiencing challenges with fine motor skills or anxiety, it can be a daunting task. Kiddo Jonah has a big goal: feel comfortable brushing his teeth independently. So, Miss Leah and Miss Teresa called in an expert to help out...

Help From A Friend2

Miss Leah has been working with Jonah on his fine motor skills, stereognosis (being able to feel things you can't see), coordination and working through anxiety about brushing teeth during his occupational therapy.  AJ, our facility service dog, has been a huge help in Jonah's sessions. Yesterday, AJ stepped it up a notch, and helped Jonah in a big way! 

Miss Teresa and Miss Leah brushed AJ's teeth, showing Jonah how easy it is to brush, brush, brush! After watching Miss Leah and Miss Teresa, Jonah gave it a try himself and brushed AJ's teeth! 


A Great Gain!4

Miss Leah said the activity was a huge hit! AJ was a perfect model, and Jonah was able to get in on the fun, while also learning more about this every day skill. 

"Being able to watch and then help brush AJ's teeth helped make this a fun activity and helped with Jonah's motivation, participation, self-regulation, attention, motor planning, and endurance for the activity."  -Miss Leah

Way to go, Jonah!!!