Step 3: Evaluation Preparation

Appropriateness for ongoing services will be determined by the evaluating therapist. When an evaluation time opens up for your child, a member of our staff will contact:

  • You – to schedule a pre-evaluation meeting and your child’s evaluation.
  • Your child’s physician – to request your child’s prescription, medical history, and confirmation that your child is cleared for treatment at Children’s TherAplay.

Important Note

After the initial evaluation appointment has been set, you will be sent an important email, which contains additional information about your child’s evaluation, along with paperwork that must be completed and returned to Children’s TherAplay at least 48 hours before the evaluation.

If the paperwork is not received by the deadline, the appointment and your place on the waiting list will both be forfeited. Be sure to return all the required paperwork in a timely manner so your child can receive an evaluation and, if appropriate, treatment!

What happens in the pre-evaluation meeting? 

During this meeting, which generally takes place 30 minutes before your child’s evaluation, our billing manager will review policies and procedures, billing information, and your specific insurance policy information. 

Please note: Details about your insurance benefits and how they relate to treatment at Children’s TherAplay will be provided as a courtesy. If you have questions about your insurance, the best person to speak with is your insurance representative.

That's it! We look forward to meeting you and your kiddo. 

“As fate would have it, my career path led me to be an occupational therapist. … I knew with Maxwell's diagnosis that the benefits of hippotherapy would be immeasurable.”

 – Maxwell’s mother, Jenna

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