From kiddo Becca's parents

Becca in physical therapy

How do you begin to sum up a place that has been so central to your child's life for the last three years?  That is, in many ways, foundational to the person she is becoming?  I don't know - but I do know that Children’s TherAplay has been that place for us.  

Becca has such love for, and finds great peace in, the presence of animals. So whether it's snuggling with [facility service dog] AJ or riding the horses, she is always in her happy place here - but she's also in a space that excites and motivates her, allowing the hard work to happen while she "plays."

Becca in physical therapy

And there aren't enough ways to thank [physical therapist] Miss Sue and [occupational therapist] Miss Jaime for all they've done to help not just Becca but us, too. Whether they're working on sensory regulation, climbing, snipping with scissors, or peddling a tricycle they are always persistent and encouraging, and they celebrate all of Becca's achievements right along with us.  

Becca in physical therapyWe are so grateful for this place. It will be a bittersweet day when [Becca graduates from treatment and] we say goodbye to all of the heroes, two- and four-legged alike, here at Children’s TherAplay.

– Becca’s parents, Amy and Rob


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