Getting Started


There are three steps to beginning physical or occupational therapy at Children’s TherAplay.

Review the program parameters to be sure your child is eligible for treatment at Children’s TherAplay.

We require physician prescription and medical form noting appropriateness as well as any contraindications.

Complete and return the one-page New Patient form.

Please note: There is often a waiting list for treatment at Children’s TherAplay; therefore, you may want to send in the form several months before your child is ready to begin treatment.

Once an appointment becomes available, a member of our staff will contact both you and your child’s referring physician about an evaluation.

Appropriateness for ongoing services will be determined by the evaluating therapist

[Treatment at Children's TherAplay] was one of the first things we did where Leo seemed to light up and enjoy being a part of. So, it connected with him.

And then all those other things in his body and his mind started to – I don’t think it’s overstating it to say that those things all started to click together. It was like that first little thing that sort of connected it. Then we were kind of off to the races.

—Leo’s father, Matt

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