Go Jackson! | kiddos can


There are so many things to celebrate in this video.

First is the fact that kiddo Jackson is walking. When he first came to us for physical therapy, he got around by crawling. Not anymore! This kiddo is walking up a storm.

Also, Jackson is making great progress towards a new developmental milestone: transitioning from floor to standing. If that sounds a little out of the usual sequence of events, it’s because it is. Jackson didn’t have the skills meet that milestone at the time, so he skipped it.

But not for long! He and Miss Sue are working hard in the clinic and on the horse to help him develop the sequencing, ability to cross midline, strength, and balance that Jackson needs so he won’t have to use a piece of furniture to pull up into a standing position. Instead, if he finds himself in the middle of the floor with nothing to pull on, he’ll be able to stand up all on his own. As you can see in the video, he’s getting closer and closer to this goal.

Another thing we’re celebrating? At the end of the video – and the reason Miss Sue lets out a YAAAAY! – Jackson steps up onto a slightly raised surface, *all by himself,* without falling, for the very first time during his treatment. And a few seconds after we turned off the camera (of course), he stepped back down – again, all by himself. Talk about some big steps forward.

Congratulations Jackson. Such great work you’re doing. This hooved high-five’s for you!

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