Here's How You Can Help

This is the most important appeal I have written in my career. 

Children’s TherAplay is facing an unprecedented financial crisis as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.  

On Sunday March 19th, The Children’s TherAplay Foundation’s Board of Directors voted to close our facility to comply with guidance from the Indiana State Department of Health. On Monday, March 23rd we began offering our kiddos and families teletherapy through the Zoom app, to help support them with practical therapy they can do at home during this difficult time. We are so excited to be able to connect again with our kiddos. But, teletherapy will only allow us to recover a small portion of the insurance revenue we are losing each day. 

I am asking you to please consider making a gift to help support our efforts to continue serving children with special needs in Central Indiana during the COVID-19 crisis.  

Your support today allows Children’s TherAplay to:

  • Provide teletherapy support to our kiddos at home who need it now more than ever.
  • Continue to provide care for our herd of horses during our shutdown. 
  • Continue to pay the dedicated staff who have made countless sacrifices to say “yes” to serving the Children’s TherAplay mission.
  • Rebound and rebuild after this crisis so we can continue to provide our life-changing therapy to children with special needs in central Indiana for many years to come. 

Just like you, we’re learning every day what “normal” might look like throughout, as well as on the other side of, this crisis. While it’s easy to panic, we have chosen to focus on ensuring our mission can survive and meeting the immediate needs of our families.   

In the midst of all the uncertainty, there is hope. Your gift can give hope to parents who desperately want to provide their children with some normalcy during this incredibly unsettling time. 

Yes, I Want To Help

Thank you for your consideration!

Kathy Pelletier

Executive Director
The Children’s TherAplay Foundation, Inc.