How an Indy 500 driver helped kiddo William reach his goal

Photos of Jack and William courtesy Schmidt Peterson Motorsports and kiddo William's mom

nullWhat does IndyCar have to do with tying shoelaces? In kiddo William’s case, a lot. William and Miss Leah had been working (and working and working) on tying shoelaces in occupational therapy, but they were getting stuck.

Until Indy 500 driver Jack Harvey entered the picture. Jack was William’s partner on Team Moe in Tuesday’s #Horsepower500 so, as they were spending time together, they talked … about tying shoelaces: how fun it is, how helpful, how Jack uses this very same skill. And that meant something to William. A lot, in fact.

Because when William came to occupational therapy the next day he sat right down and tied his shoelaces, almost completely by himself, for the very first time. Just like Jack! Miss Leah nearly fell over. Apparently Team Moe is still going strong.

Kiddo Will shoelace collage

Here’s what William’s mom shared about the day.

Meeting [Indy 500 driver] Jack Harvey was just so cool. He was as kind as can be and was all about hanging with Will and making him feel special. The two wore matching checkered flag tattoos and had their team photo taken. 

[During their racing heat] Miss Leah helped Will feed Jack a carrot, and it was an exhilarating race to the finish line. Jack won after a quick call from the judges. Will and Leah were jumping up and down cheering, as was our whole family in the stands! My four kids now routinely break into a "JACK HAR-VEY!!" chant as we shop for groceries, or drive to practice.

Team Moe

It’s remarkable, isn’t it, what a little bit of encouragement, a little bit of sunshine, from just the right person can do.

Thank you to all who brought that encouragement and sunshine – and funding for treatment – for the kiddos. #ItMatters  #HeartsForHippotherapy

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