"I Am So Very Happy!"

Meet Kiddo RoseRose petting red

Spend five minutes with Kiddo Rose, and you’ll forget this little lady only just turned two years old last week. Whether she’s standing on a horse or jumping on a trampoline, Rose loves to smile, talk, and laugh with her therapists. As Miss Teresa shared, “her amazing verbal skills and expressive language are incredibly advanced for her age.”  

Her favorite phrase? "I am so very happy!"  

Rose began coming to Children’s TherAplay in February 2019 to help fine tune balance issues and visual motor skills.

“Our main goal for Rose is to help her motor planning skills. We give her new things to do that she has to figure out with her body,” Miss Teresa said. “We work a lot on visual motor skills—using our eyes and hands together.”

Rose's Quick Gains

When Rose first began therapy, she had trouble jumping, getting both feet off the ground, and using her eyes and other body parts simultaneously, which led to tripping and a lack of awareness of her relationship with space. Now, Rose is falling much less, and has better awareness of where she is in space, which keeps her much safer. 

Miss Teresa isn’t the only one noticing improvements. Rose’s grandmother, Alecia, often watches her sessions, and has seen the results even in a few months.

“She’s able to get her knees up higher and has really learned to jump using the incredible core strength she’s built,” Alecia said. “Her reach and her ability to walk up and down stairs is improving. That took a long time to get there—now she looks at stairs and says, ‘oh, I can do this now’”.

The Highlight of Her Weekrose 3

Alecia credits hippotherapy with Rose’s quick gains.  

“If it’s fun, it’s not therapy for her. That’s the best part for Rose,” Alecia said. “She has a great time here and it’s the highlight of her week. I think that horse has a whole lot to do with it.”  

We’re so proud of the incredible gains Rose has made in the short amount of time at TherAplay, and we can’t wait to see what she does next! Whatever it is, we’re sure it’s going to make her “so very happy”.