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Growing (and growing and growing)

Because there's such demand for treatment at Children's TherAplay, we've been growing (and growing and growing) at a rapid pace. 

  • First, we outgrew our barnIn 2017, thanks to an extremely generous gift of stocks, the old 11-stall barn was replaced with the 16-stall Meyers Family Stable.
  • Then we outgrew our clinic and administrative space. (Stay tuned for details about those Exciting New Developments.)
  • And we also outgrew our website. Just like the kiddos, technology had made great gains. But our old website prevented us from acting upon them. ...Until a local website company reached out to us with a game-changing donation. 

That company is Marketpath

"Marketpath is honored to support the great work at Children’s TherAplay. By helping get the word out, through the new website, about the innovative physical and occupational therapies at Children's TherAplay, we can truly change lives in our community." 

– Kevin Kennedy, Marketpath Website Marketing

Thanks to their remarkable in-kind contribution, our address is the same but our home on the Internet is completely different. 

Check it out

nullNow, with just a few clicks, it’s easy (and fun!) to find out what’s happening at one of the most innovative pediatric clinics in the country.  

It’s all here, so come on over and click around!

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