Kudos for kiddos: Laila, one year later

Last June, kiddo Laila was delighted to walk a six-inch balance beam independently, for the very first time, in physical therapy. That’s a significant accomplishment for any child, let alone one who has hypomyelinating leukoencephalopathy, a disorder which results in challenges in balance, strength, and coordination.

Laila’s gain came after a great deal of hard work, both on the horse and in the clinic, on balance reactions and coordination.   


"Children's TherAplay has been an amazing tool for Laila's success! ...We definitely consider physical therapy and hippotherapy at Children's TherAplay to be a blessing!"

Victoria, Laila’s mother

Things got even more exciting recently when Laila walked the three-inch beam – which is about the width of her foot! – all by herself. 

On the clinical side, we recognize that as a big step forwards in Laila’s being able to maintain midline and safely navigate her environment. But it means something completely different to Laila: She’s delighted to be able to keep up with her sister. So watch out sis, Laila’s coming! Congratulations kiddo. 

See how far Laila's come.

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