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There's an easy way to find out how treatment at Children’s TherAplay makes such a difference for children with special needs: meet the kiddos and to discover the gains, both large and small, we're so honored to be a part of every day.

Meet Joan

Physical and occupational therapies to address cerebral palsy

Listen in as kiddo Joan and his family share how physical and occupational therapies at Children’s TherAplay have made a difference in Joan’s life. And learn from Joan’s therapists why hippotherapy is such a game-changer for kiddos with special needs.

nullMeet Laila

Physical therapy to address a genetic anomaly

You’d never know, from the way five-and-a-half-year-old Laila giggles and skips and hops her way through physical therapy, that she wasn’t able to sit up until she was 13 months old, the same age at which many children begin walking. 

Gross motor delays are a hallmark of hypomyelinating leukoencephalopathy, or the loss of white matter in the brain, a disorder which, in Laila, resulted in profound sensorineural hearing loss; challenges in balance, strength, and coordination; and decreased safety awareness.

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nullMeet Jonah

Occupational therapy to address autism spectrum disorder

At age five, Jonah seemed to be somewhat aware of the world around him but was only distantly engaged. But now, with four months of occupational therapy treatment at Children’s TherAplay, that was changing.

His mother's heart soared. There was hope.

Celebrate his great gains


nullMeet Austin

Physical therapy to learn how to walk

His mother Laura shares: “Because of Austin’s disability, we have to teach his body how to move by moving it for him repetitively until he develops the muscle memory to do it himself.

"…Without treatment at Children’s TherAplay I really think he would have never have learned how to walk and would have been bound to the limits of a wheelchair.” 

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nullMeet Lauryn 

Physical and occupational therapies to address low tone and developmental delay

Before Lauryn started treament at Children's TherAplay she was walking but unsteadily. And uneven surfaces, even slight ones like grass, caused her to tumble.

Similarly, getting dressed and undressed required a great deal of assistance. And when it came to her four older siblings, as her mother Jen shares, “She was trying to keep up with them and wasn’t always successful.”

But all that has changed. Dramatically.

The first time Lauryn rode standing up

Meet Maxwell

Physical and occupational therapies to address chromosomal anomalies

Maxwell’s mother Jenna shares, "...When we received his diagnosis and knew therapy would be a significant part of his life, I knew where I needed to bring him: Children’s TherAplay. Why? As fate would have it, my career path led me to be an occupational therapist.

"I'll never forget the day in graduate school when we went to a place called Children’s TherAplay to see how they were using horses as a part of the children's treatment. I knew with Maxwell's diagnosis that the benefits of hippotherapy would be immeasurable."

Her perspective as a parent who is also an occupational therapist


nullMeet Brayden

Physical and occupational therapies to manage cerebral palsy 

“Brayden, like most of the children we serve, has so much fun during treatment in the clinic and on the horse that he doesn’t realize how much work he’s doing. But there’s so much going on,” explains his physical therapist Teresa Keathley. “We’re developing his lower extremity weight-bearing and challenging his balance and coordination so he can walk better. We focus a lot on pelvic stability and core strength to allow Brayden to be more independent.”

Brayden calls himself a jockey


Olivia's first tricycle rideMeet Olivia

Physical and occupational therapies to address developmental delays 

Her mother Jana explains, “I can’t tell people enough – it [treatment at Children's TherAplay] helps with everything. It helps with the nonphysical stuff too.

"What we’ve gotten in return is personality and speech and confidence. It’s like we were finally able to see all of Olivia. It’s like she’s woken up.”

Becoming more engaged in her world


Meet Leo

Physical and occupational therapies to address low muscle tone and developmental delay

Leo had been receiving traditoinal physical, occupational, and speech therapies but the progress was slow. His mother Laura shares, “He would develop and then he would tend to plateau. And we would hit these stretches that sometimes lasted quite a while where there just wasn’t any progress. Once we got to Children's TherAplay, it was almost a weekly basis where we were seeing things that he was making progress on.”

Hippotherapy made all the difference


nullMeet Emma

Physical and occupational therapies to develop trunk strength and head control 

When Emma first began receiving treatment at Children's TherAplay, her movement was evaluated at the neonatal stage. Now, her mother tells us, “When she’s laying on the floor playing, you'll see her pick her shoulders and head up off the floor – she's really trying to sit up!"

See how life has changed for Emma


nullMeet Catalina

Physical and occupational therapies to address Down syndrome

“Mama I can jump!” Catalina squealed. It was a big day. Three-and-a-half-year-old Catalina thought she had been jumping before but as her mother Beatriz reports, while Catalina’s upper body bobbed and swayed, her feet had never left the ground.

But now they do!


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Lauryn has grown so much. Not only is she getting stronger in her core area and her ability to master more fine motor and gross motor skills, she has also grown in her confidence. She loves coming to Children's TherAplay.

The fact that we travel 45 minutes each way, twice a week says a lot in terms of our feelings about Children's TherAplay. .... It's so worth it. It's wonderful!

– Lauryn’s mother, Jen


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