Way to go Kiddo Nikko!

You might not realize it but play is hugely important for children. In fact, it’s their #1 occupation as well as how they understand their world; develop cognitive skills like vocabulary, colors, and counting; and learn to interact with peers. Fortunately, for kiddos who need help developing these skills, occupational therapy can make a world of difference.
Just look at how far kiddo Niko has come! When he first began receiving occupational therapy, his play skills were limited to banging and throwing. So, Miss Leah began to help Niko generalize those behaviors into functional skills. Together she and Nikko would “trot” toy horses by banging them along. Niko’s propensity to throw things was shaped into putting those same horses into their barn. Slowly Leah and Niko began transferring these skills into other multi-step play sequences like stacking blocks and working puzzles.
And now the child who only played by himself is beginning to engage in social play. Niko’s whole world is opening up. Keep up the great work you two. It only gets better from here. #KudosForKiddos
(Photo: During the clinic-based portion of Niko’s occupational therapy treatment Miss Leah uses the physio ball to provide proprioceptive and vestibular input, which helps improve Niko’s self-regulation and gets his brain organized for learning.)

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