"Which is *huge*" | #KiddosCan

Looking back over the past year (or two)? So are we, which is why the sweet email from Mary Grace's mom Kelli was so perfectly timed.

With Kelli's kind permission, we're sharing it so you can help celebrate the big steps that kiddo Mary Grace is taking.

Photo courtesy of Mary Grace's family

I found Mary Grace's original [Children's TherAplay] physical therapy evaluation from May 2016. At that time she was not yet walking independently and could not walk up stairs (she would crawl). She was also not jumping.

She can now walk, run, jump, and walk up stairs holding onto the rail! Mary Grace has also learned to alternate between between her right and left legs when going up the stairs, which is huge

She was very nervous about riding the horses [during the equine-assisted portion of physical therapy] at first and now will do "puppydog" and even stand on the horse! She asks about going to ride horses every day.

We are so grateful for all the help Mary Grace has received at Children's TherAplay.

Way to go Mary Grace! We're so proud of you ... and all our kiddos.

Thank you, families, for inviting us to be part of your precious children's journey. We're looking forward to very a bright 2018 with you.

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