Video: Burke moves forward #KiddosCan

Folks often think of occupational therapy as being about fine motor control and physical therapy being about gross motor, but there’s quite a bit of overlap. Case in point: Kiddo Burke.

When he first began receiving occupational therapy, Burke had a weak trunk that resulted in poor head control. So he and Miss Leah worked a great deal on strengthening that trunk during OT, and guess who can now hold his head up independently? Even with alllll the added motion of the horse? That would be Burke! Hooray!

Burke recently started physical therapy as well and, because his trunk strength – which is essential for him to be able to bear weight through his legs and take steps reciprocally – is off to such a great start, Burke is able to work on walking with Miss Amy.

And he loves it!

Mom says Burke is so tickled by his newfound mobility that he’s begun asking to walk at home. One foot in front of the other, buddy. Great work!