Video: The OT shoe is on the other foot for Miss Kaylin

What’s more fun than playing a game of Ultra Dash during the clinic-based portion of your treatment? Challenging your occupational therapist to a friendly competition – and then cackling with glee while she scrambles around the clinic trying to beat your time!


Miss Kaylin had to use the exact same skills that Grant did: visually scanning the clinic to find the cone that matches the color that’s flashing on the wand, using bilateral coordination and motor planning to fit the wand into the cone, safely navigating the environment, and relying on executive functioning skills to remember exactly where she saw that blue cone last (because it turns out that Grant is an *excellent* hider!).

Watch to the end of the brief video and you’ll hear Miss Kaylin say it, “It was very hard.” Yep, challenging but fun. That’s treatment at Children’s TherAplay.

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