Video: Well somebody had a big day!

Well somebody had a big day!

Indy 500 (and Children's TherAplay #Horsepower500!) driver Jack Harvey of Michael Shank Racing came out to work alongside the kiddos in treatment. And he had quite the education!

In occupational therapy, kiddo Lauryn and Miss Leah helped Jack with his handwriting (which is much more challenging with a nondominant hand), using two hands together (in a game of Pop-Up Pirate, but this certainly carries over to IndyCar racing), and reviewing the world’s fastest way to tie shoelaces (hello motor planning, sequencing, and eye-hand coordination).

As when our kiddos receive treatment, Jack had a great time. (He certainly had excellent teachers!) And, just like with the kiddos, the skills he’s developing will help him in his activities for daily living, whether he’s at home or racing around the track at 200+ MPH.

Keep up the great work Jack! (You’re still practicing, right?)


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