What do I need to know about treatment at Children’s TherAplay?

  • At Children’s TherAplay we provide physical and occupational therapies for children with special needs. Each hour-long therapy session takes place both in our child-focused clinic and on horseback (utilizing a treatment strategy called hippotherapy) in our indoor riding arena.
  • Children’s TherAplay operates year-round. Children may receive treatment weekly or every other week depending upon their individual needs.

  • Therapy is individualized based on each child’s needs and includes evaluation and treatment with a licensed, specially-trained physical or occupational therapist.

Is treatment at Children's TherAplay a fit for my child?

First things first. Let’s determine whether you’re looking for hippotherapy, which is the tool we integrate into each child’s treatment, or therapeutic/adaptive riding, which is an activity we do not offer.


  • A medical treatment – physical, occupational, or speech therapy – prescribed by a physician. (We do not offer speech therapy at Children's TherAplay at this time.)
  • Delivered by a licensed therapist in conjunction with a horse handler and a specially-screened and -trained therapy horse.  
  • The focus is on achieving individual therapeutic goals like sitting up, walking, being able to go up and down steps, or dress and undress independently.
  • Reimbursable by most medical insurance carriers.

Therapeutic/Adaptive Riding

  • Recreational horseback riding lessons adapted to individuals with special needs.
  • Completed by a professional horseback riding instructor in conjunction with volunteers.
  • Many people participate in therapeutic/adaptive riding as a recreational activity or for confidence-building. The emphasis is on horsemanship, proper riding position, and rein skills, not functional therapeutic goals.
  • As an adaptive/recreational/sport activity, not therapy, this is not covered by insurance.

Treatment is by prescription only

Because physical and occupational therapies are medical treatments, all patients must have a physician's referral (prescription) to receive services at Children’s TherAplay.

Do you accept health insurance?

Absolutely. We are a licensed medical facility and accept third-party commercial health insurance, Indiana Medicaid, and Children’s Special Healthcare Services, as well as private pay.

Are there age and weight limits?

Yes, there are. As a pediatric clinic, we treat children from age 18 months up to 13 years and, to ensure safety, weight limits do apply. Please see the program parameters (Step 1 below) for details.

How do children begin receiving treatment at Children's TherAplay? 

It happens in three steps:

Step 1. Review the program parameters to be sure your child is eligible for treatment here.

Step 2. Initiate a referral by completing and returning the New Patient Form.

Step 3. Once an appointment becomes available, a member of our staff will contact both you and your child’s referring physician about an evaluation.

Let's get started

When I think about Joan from when he first started [treatment at Children’s TherAplay] to where he is today it reinforces the power and the magic of hippotherapy. ... It’s incredible.
— Occupational therapist Leah

Meet the Kiddos

Success Story: Meet Joan

Their gains are just as individual as the diagnoses we treat

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