Fund-A-Horse & Fund-A-Stall

Therapy horse and stall sponsorships help keep our therapy horses healthy and happy by offsetting necessary costs, ensuring the best possible care for our horses who work so hard for our kiddos. 

Meet our trusty steeds below and find out how you can play a part in their care! 

  • Fund-A-Horse

    Fund-A-Horse Gift: $8,500 

    Hippotherapy is nothing without our trusty therapy horses! We are lucky to have fifteen incredible horses, many of which are on their second or third career and provide our kiddos gentle, consistent treatment in hippotherapy. 

    We strive to ensure our horses are given the best possible care in order to effectively treat our kiddos.

    Your gift of $8,500 funds a therapy horse for one calendar year, providing: 

    • High quality feed and hay
    • Hoof trims
    • Routine veterinary care
    • Experienced barn handlers to handle the horses during therapy sessions
    • Supplies and labor for grooming

    As a Fund-A-Horse Donor, you receive: 

    • Commemorative plaque with sponsor name displayed on the horse's stall door
    • Periodic updates and communication on how your horse is doing
  • Fund-A-Stall

    Fund-A-Stall Gift: $3,000

    Just as important as our horses is the physical space they call home: their stall.

    We are so grateful for the renovated stalls our horses received in the Meyers Family Stable in May 2017. With a new space comes up-keep, and we rely on the generosity of our donors to help fund the stalls of our trusty therapy horses so they can feel comfortable in and out of the arena. 

    Your gift of $3,000 funds a therapy horse's stall for one calendar year, providing: 

    • Quality shavings to keep our horses comfortable, healthy, and dry
    • Equipment  and experienced barn team for stall cleaning to maintain a safe environment for our horses

    As a Fund-A-Stall Donor, you receive: 

    • Commemorative plaque with sponsor name above the horse's stall
    • Periodic updates and communication from the barn
  • Ways To Give

    Giving Opportunities

    Thank you for your consideration of funding one of our beloved horses and/or their stall! There are a couple ways to sponsor: 

    Personal Sponsorship:

    • Make a personal gift to Fund-A-Horse and/or Fund-A-Stall to fund a horse and/or their stall for one calendar year. 
    • Gifts received towards our Fund-A-Horse and Fund-A-Stall program are much appreciated during the first quarter of the year by April 1st to ensure a streamlined process and the best possible upfront care for our horses. 
    • You can check out our available horses and stalls here. red

    Group Fundraising: 

    • Looking for a fun way to engage your company with Children's TherAplay? Commit to fundraising the total of a Fund-A-Horse or Fund-A-Stall sponsorship through peer-to-peer fundraising with your company. 
    • Children's TherAplay staff will work with your group to set up your fundraising page, develop a timeline, and ensure you hit your goal! All sponsorship benefits apply. 


    For more information on either of these opportunities, please contact Katie Stratman. 

  • Meet The Horses

    Meet the Hooves Behind the Hippotherapy: Our Trusty Therapy Horses! 

    Luna  TheraplayPonyPortraits_Nov2022_Print-22

    Luna is generously funded by Copper Creek Canyon. 
    Luna's stall is generously funded through Mudsock Fest.

    25-year-old Percheron
    Joined Children's TherAplay:
    April 2022

    Get To Know Luna: Luna was rescued by one of our own handlers, Erin. One fun fact about her is that she LOVES Pop tarts!

    Luna's Impact: Luna is a great horse for our kids who need a medium to high movement within their sessions. She is a very steady horse to get our kiddos used to this type of movement, and she is always very attentive to what our handlers ask of her.


    Padre is generously funded by Barb Bixler. 
    Padre's stall is generously funded by NextGear Capital. 

    26-year-old Mustang / Quarter Horse cross
    Joined Children’s TherAplay: 
    May 2012

    Get to know Padre: Padre has a sweet and conscientious personality, and loves to roll around in the dirt!

    Padre's Impact: Padre is highly requested by both therapists and kiddos because of his higher movement. He's very adjustable and dependable, which benefits our kiddos who have high muscle tone.


    Spot  Spot 1

    Spot is generously funded by Jana and Tim Wiley, Kathy Wiley Smith, Dillon Wiley, & the Richardson Family. 
    Spot's stall is generously funded by NextGear Capital

    12-year-old Pony of the Americas
    Joined Children’s TherAplay:
    May 2023

    Get to know Spot: Spot has a very curious personality, and loves the scratches he recieves from the kiddos. Before he came to TherAplay, Spot was used as a mount for Pony Club. His show name is "The Spotted Wizard"!

    Spot's Impact: Spot is a great size! While he is on the shorter side, he is very broad and muscular which makes it possible for him to carry our larger riders. 


    Ella and her stall are both generously funded by Leslie Ackerman.

    14-year-old Welsh Pony
    Joined Children’s TherAplay: March 2022

    Get to know Ella: Along with being a therapy horse here, Ella is also currently a lesson horse at Lucky Farms next door. She is best friends with Queenie and they loved to cause trouble together.

    Ella's Impact: Ella is currently going through training in our program, but we hope to see her out in the arena with our kiddos soon!


    Hank and his stall are both generously funded by The Phil and Sharen Meyers Living Trust in honor of Ally, Livy, Luke, and Kenzy

    23-year-old Quarter Horse
    Joined Children’s TherAplay: 
    August 2017

    Get to know Hank: Hank came to TherAplay with experience in 4H, English shows, and trail-riding.

    Hank's Impact: Hank has a special low movement, which is perfect for our kiddos who need a more calm, even ride. 



    Moe null

    Moe and his stall are both generously funded by Hank and Jayma Meyers

    27-year-old Haflinger

    Joined Children’s TherAplay: July 2011

    Get to know Moe: Moe is curious about everything and loves to play the pasture!

    Moe's Impact: Moe is a great next-level horse for our kiddos who are ready to add a bit more challenge to their treatment. 




    Red  null

    Red and his stall are both generously funded by Leslie Ackerman. 

    21-year-old grade pony
    Joined Children’s TherAplay: 
    February 2014

    Get to know Red: Red is nothing short of adorable! He loves children and enjoyed giving rides to his family's grandchildren in his past life.

    Fun Fact: Our horse handlers call Red their "little Red sports car" because of the ease with which he moves. Red provides a lot of stimulating movement for our littlest clients!




    Kipper is generously funded by Mike and Lindsay Martin, in honor of Larry, Marsha, Kathy Martin and Robert Simcoe. 
    Kipper's stall is open for funding!

    18-year-old Welsh Pony
    Joined Children’s TherAplay: 
    December 2019

    Get to know Kipper: Kipper was well-loved by his owner and her grandchildren before becoming a part of the TherAplay family. 

    Kipper's Impact: Kipper is appreciated for his forward, high moving gait. He is perfect for kiddos who need a small pony with lots of input. 



    Tash and her stall are both generously funded by Hank and Jayma Meyers in honor of Rylee and Coen Bauer.

    26-year-old Paint Horse
    Joined Children’s TherAplay: 
    May 2020

    Get to know Tash: Tash is our only mare in the barn who has been a mama!

    Tash's Impact: The therapists' favorite things about Tash are her cuddly personality and "boat-like" movement she offers during sessions.


    Giuseppe is generously funded by The Round Room Family in memory of Amy Smith.
    Giuseppe's stall is generously funded by The Layton Children

    20-year-old Paint Horse, Thoroughbred, and Mustang Horse 
    Joined Children’s TherAplay: 
    August 2021

    Get to know Giuseppe: Giuseppe is a former eventer and hunter/jumper. He is an absolute sweetheart and loves working with our sweet kiddos!

    Giuseppe's Impact: Giuseppe is a great horse for our bigger kids who need higher movement within their sessions. He is a gentle giant and has an extremely easygoing temperament. 


    Nemo and his stall are both generously funded by Theresa Catterson Kraft.

    27-year-old Halflinger
    Joined Children's TherAplay:
    June 2022

    Get to Know Nemo: Nemo absolutely loves attention and is always one to say hello to every person that walks by!

    Nemo's Impact: Nemo is great for our kiddos who need a nice, easy pace during their sessions. His calm demeanour allows him to be around anyone with no problems!


    Beau is generously funded by Indiana Thermal Solutions
    Beau's stall is generously funded by Kathleen Reynolds

    15-year-old large pony
    Joined Children's TherAplay:
    November 2022

    Get to Know Beau: Beau is social, sweet, and cuddly. He is always lowering his head to kiddo level for pets. 

    Beau's Impact: Beau has an athletic uphill build, and is the perfect size for kiddos ready to move up from our smallest ponies and transition to using the mounting block for a more independent mount.

    Pony BoyPony Boy 2

    Pony Boy and his stall are generously funded by The Myers Family and Patty and Lawrence Baker.

    10-year-old grade pony
    Joined Children's TherAplay: 
    January 2023

    Get to Know Pony Boy: Pony Boy is our youngest pony. Before he came here, he was a super solid steed for a couple little kids. Before that, he was at a camp out in Montana.

    Pony Boy's Impact: Pony Boy is appreciated for being our smallest horse in the herd, but still offering high movement! his wide back makes it easy for kiddos to do all sorts of positions while riding; sitting backwards, on their hands and knees, and even standing up! 

    Peanut & Banana Peanut and Banana 4

    Peanut & Banana and their stall are gereously funded by Courtney, Harlan, and Tinley Rahal.

    Peanut is a 20-year-old Miniature Horse and Banana is a 17-year-old Miniature Horse 
    Joined Children's TherAplay: 
    March 2023

    Get to Know Peanut & Banana: Peanut and Banana are a bonded pair! They have been together their entire lives and have been therapy ponies for a long time. 

    Peanut & Banana's Impact: These miniature horses are not for riding, instead they are used for our Theraputic Animal Assisted Groundwork (TAAG) sessions. Kiddos utilize Peanut and Banana to practice grooming, feeding, leading, and other groundwork activities. 

    Bootz Boots

    Bootz and his stall are both generously funded by The Phil and Sharen Meyes Living Trust in Honor of Ally, Livy, Luke, and Kenzy

    17-year-old Paint Horse
    Joined Children's TherAplay: July 2023

    Get to Know Bootz: Bootz was an eventer before joining Children's TherAplay. During his time as a show horse, he never knocked down a single rail! His favorite food is pears and he loves to come visit our barn staff in the office. 

    Bootz's Impact: He is a high back with high consistent movement that is great for larger kiddos who need more input or need a challenge. He is extremely versatile and can lenghten or shorten his walk depending on what the kiddo needs!

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