Fund-A-Horse & Fund-A-Home

Therapy horse and stall sponsorships help keep our therapy horses healthy and happy by offsetting necessary costs, ensuring the best possible care for our horses who work so hard for our kiddos. 

Meet our trusty steeds below and find out how you can play a part in their care! 

  • Fund-A-Horse

    Fund-A-Horse Gift: $8,000 

    Hippotherapy is nothing without our trusty therapy horses! We are lucky to have thirteen incredible horses, many of which are on their second or third career and provide our kiddos gentle, consistent treatment in hippotherapy. 

    We strive to ensure our horses are given the best possible care in order to effectively treat our kiddos.

    Your gift of $8,000 funds a therapy horse for one calendar year, providing: 

    • High quality feed and hay
    • Hoof trims
    • Routine veterinary care
    • Experienced barn handlers to handle the horses during therapy sessions
    • Supplies for grooming

    As a Fund-A-Horse Donor, you receive: 

    • Commemorative plaque with sponsor name displayed on the horse's stall door
    • Periodic updates and communication on how your horse is doing
  • Fund-A-Home

    Fund-A-Home Gift: $2,500

    Just as important as our horses is the physical space they call home: their stall.

    We are so grateful for the renovated homes our horses received in the Meyers Family Stable in May 2017. With a new space comes up-keep, and we rely on the generosity of our donors to help fund the homes of our trusty therapy horses so they can feel comfortable in and out of the arena. 

    Your gift of $2,500 funds a therapy horse's stall for one calendar year, providing: 

    • Quality shavings to keep our horses comfortable, healthy, and dry
    • Equipment for stall cleaning
    • Experienced barn handlers to maintain a safe environment for our horses

    As a Fund-A-Home Donor, you receive: 

    • Commemorative plaque with sponsor name above the horse's stall
    • Periodic updates and communication from the barn
  • Ways To Give

    Giving Opportunities

    Thank you for your consideration of funding one of our beloved horses and/or their home! There are a couple ways to sponsor: 

    Personal Sponsorship:

    • Make a personal gift to Fund-A-Horse and/or Fund-A-Home to fund a horse and/or their stall for one calendar year. 
    • Beginning in 2020, we will request all Fund-A-Horse and Fund-A-Home gifts by March 1st of that year to ensure a streamlined process and the best possible upfront care for our horses. 
    • You can check out our available horses and homes here. red

    Group Fundraising: 

    • Looking for a fun way to engage your company with Children's TherAplay? Commit to fundraising the total of a Fund-A-Horse or Fund-A-Home sponsorship through peer-to-peer fundraising with your company. 
    • Children's TherAplay staff will work with your group to set up your fundraising page, develop a timeline, and ensure you hit your goal! All sponsorship benefits apply. 


    For more information on either of these opportunities, please contact Katie Stratman. 

  • Meet The Horses

    Meet the Hooves Behind the Hippotherapy: Our Trusty Therapy Horses! 

    Gideon  null

    Gideon is generously funded by Teri Kraft.

    Gideon's generously funded by Mickey Spillane.

    25 year old Haflinger

    Joined Children's TherAplay: April 2002

    Get To Know Gideon: He has been here at Children’s TherAplay longer than any other therapy horse, almost since the beginning of the program! As a versatile and sturdy mount, Gideon is a huge asset to our team.

    Fun Fact: Our very own Gideon was named 2016 Indiana Horse Council Equine-Assisted Programs Committee Horse of the Year. 



    Padre is generously funded by Barb Bixler. 

    Padre's home is currently unfunded. 

    22-year-old Mustang / Quarter Horse cross

    Joined Children’s TherAplay: May 2012

    Get to know Padre: Padre has a sweet and conscientious personality, and loves to play with Rocky and roll around in the dirt!

    Fun Fact: Padre is our prankster! He has been known to pick up a muck bucket with his teeth and "help" clean the arena.

    Fund Padre's Home!


    Fairy Talenull

    Fairy Tale is currently unfunded.

    Fairy Tale's home is currently unfunded.

    22-year-old Welsh Pony

    Joined Children’s TherAplay: November 2007

    Get to know Fairy Tale: Our "barn princess" knows how to get what she wants using her good looks and charm. Don’t let her fool you though. She is a sassy girl at heart and loves being the boss.

    Fun Fact: Fairy Tale has a talent that greatly impresses the kiddos. She knows how to “stand like a princess” and will pose with her front hoof lifted in the air.

    Fund Fairy Tale!

    Fund Fairy Tale's Home!

    Willow  null

    Willow is currently unfunded.

    Willow's home is currently unfunded.

    25-year-old Hackney / Welsh Pony cross

    Joined Children’s TherAplay: September 2017

    Get to know Willow: This pony has a great deal of experience working with kiddos! Willow was a champion hunter show pony at Lucky Farms for many, many years. More recently, as a lesson pony, she’s helped young children learn how to ride.

    Fun Fact: When Willow was a show pony, her registered show name was "Tickles-N-Giggles"! 

    Fund Willow!

    Fund Willow's Home!

    Zippy  null

    Zippy is generously funded by Teri Kraft. 

    Zippy's home is currently unfunded. 

    24-year-old grade Pony

    Joined Children’s TherAplay: May 2011

    Get to know Zippy: Before coming to Children's TherAplay, Zippy was a lesson pony next door at Lucky Farms and taught many children to ride. Though he’s small in stature, Zippy has a big personality.

    Fun Fact: When he was younger, this little pony enjoyed jumping so much that he would find things to jump in his pasture, just for the fun of it.

    Fund Zippy's Home!


    Hank is generously funded by The Phil and Sharen Meyers Living Trust in Honor of Ally, Livy, and Luke

    Hank's home is currently unfunded. 

    19-year-old Quarter Horse

    Joined Children’s TherAplay: August 2017

    Get to know Hank: Hank came to TherAplay with experience in 4H, English shows, and trail-riding.

    Fun Fact: Hank is very brave, and can easily be considered one of our most "bombproof" horses. However, he IS afraid of goats!

    Fund Hank's Home!

    Amore (Moe)  null

    Moe is generously funded by Hank and Jayma Meyers

    Moe's home is currently unfunded.

    21-year-old Haflinger

    Joined Children’s TherAplay: July 2011

    Get to know Moe: He is one of two Haflingers in the barn. Moe is curious about everything and has fun playing in the pasture with his “Mini Moe,” Gideon.

    Fun Fact: To the delight of the kiddos, Moe starred in an informal Stop, Drop, and Roll video, which was posted to our Facebook page. The kiddos love seeing their buddy roll around on the arena for a good back scratch.

    Fund Moe's Home!

    Red  null

    Red and his home are both generously funded by Leslie Ackerman. 

    17-year-old grade pony

    Joined Children’s TherAplay: February 2014

    Get to know Red: Red stole everyone’s heart when he arrived as he is nothing short of adorable! He’s the perfect size for our smallest patients and is curious and gentle with the kiddos.

    Fun Fact: Red loves children and he enjoyed giving rides to his family’s grandchildren until they got too big. Then it was time for a new job. Red was happy to find one here where there are always kiddos to pat him.



    Lacey is generously funded by Mickey Spillane.  

    Lacey's home is generously funded by The Gold Family

    9-year-old Palomino

    Joined Children’s TherAplay: March 2019

    Get to know Lacey: Before coming to TherAplay, Lacey was used as a western pleasure trail horse. 

    Fun Fact: Lacey thrives on verbal engagement and trust between her and her horse handler!



    Tonka is generously funded by Kevin Kennedy and Steven Douglass.  

    Tonka's home is generously funded by Next Gear Capital. 






    Roddy and his home are both generously funded by Leslie Ackerman.

    14-year-old Quarter Horse

    Joined Children’s TherAplay: December 2019

    Get to know Roddy: Roddy has spent most of his life showing in everything from barrel racing to jumping events!

    Fun Fact: His favorite treats are Goldfish crackers!



    Kipper is generously funded by Kathy Wiley Smith & Jan & Tim Wiley

    Kipper's home is currently unfunded.

    14-year-old Welsh Pony

    Joined Children’s TherAplay: December 2019

    Get to know Kipper: Kipper was well-loved by his owner and her grandchildren before becoming a part of the TherAplay family. 

    Fun Fact: Kipper is extremely curious, expressive, and gentle. His tiny ears make everyone smile!

    Fund Kipper's Home!


    Tash is generously funded by Sharen Meyers.

    Tash's home is currently unfunded.

    Fund Tash's Home!

    Elmo Oct2020PonyPortraits©EllenJackson-21.jpg-sharpen

    Elmo is currently unfunded.

    Elmo's home is currently unfunded.

    Fund Elmo!

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