2023 Parent In-Service Series 

5/14/2024: Which Trail Are You On? The Journey of Skilled Therapy, presented by Joanna Campbell, OT 

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3/1/2023: Sensory Processing and Integration, presented by Kaylin Shiver, OT

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Past In-Service Resources

10/27/2022: Canine Companions For Independence, presented by Teresa Keathley, PT

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Resources mentioned:

8/25/2022: Big Feelings & How To Handle Them, presented by Katy Everhart, MOT, OTR

Managing Big Feelings PPT Presentation

Managing Big Feelings Take Home Worksheet

6/2/2022: Floor Time Play & Handling: Making It Work For You, presented by Jessica Boram, PT, DPT

3/24/2022: Augmentative & Assistive Communication, presented by Karina Carter, M.S., CCC-SLP

11/3/2021: Managing Parental Stress & Triggers: Becoming The Parent You Want To Be

Resources mentioned during the webinar:

  • "How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen", by Joanna Faver
  • "Parenting From The Inside Out", by Dan Siegel
  • "The Yes Brain", by Dan Siegel
  • "What Happened To You", by Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey
  • "The Body Keeps Score", by Besser Van der Kolk
  • "The Out of Sync Child", by Carol Kranowitz

Therapy Resources

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