In this special half-day camp for the brothers and sisters of Children's TherAplay kiddos, siblings (ages 4-12 years) will rotate through fun activities throughout the day including, arts and crafts, horseback riding (of course!), pony painting, and “working” in the barn. 

Children's TherAplay Sibling Camp

2022 Event Details Coming Soon!

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    There are 40 spaces available for siblings of the kiddos we currently treat. NOTE: This year's camp will be split into two half-day sessions to accomodate more kiddos, with 20 spots available in each session. Session times cannot be chosen; they are determined by age and will be assigned by TherAplay.

    You can sign up at TherAplay, by calling us at (317) 872-4166, or by emailing Breinne.

  • Why Sibling Camp

    nullWe do our best to provide pediatric occupational and physical therapies in a joy-filled manner, and it shows in the smiles on our kiddos' faces. In fact, we often hear from parents that our kiddos don’t realize how hard they’re working. To them, it seems like play!

    So it’s only natural for their siblings, who watch their brothers’ and sisters’ “playtime” from the Children's TherAplay waiting room, to wonder, “Do I get a turn?”

    Thanks to our very special staff and volunteers, each summer at Sibling Camp we get to say, “Yes! Come and play with us.”

  • Volunteer

    A visit from the fire departmentWould you like to help make this a day for the Children's TherAplay siblings to remember?

    We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to serve as group leaders and oversee activity stations.

    Contact Breinne at (317) 872-4166 x4300 or for more details.

  • Please note

    nullAs much as we would love to be able to open the camp to nieces, nephews, cousins, and other children, this camp is just for the brothers and sisters of those children who are currently in treatment at Children's TherAplay. 

    Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for helping make Children's TherAplay Sibling Camp possible

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