Getting Started

There are three steps to beginning physical, occupational, and speech therapy at Children's TherAplay. Check them out below to learn more!

  • Confirm It's A Fit

    Step 1: Confirm It's A Fit

    As a highly specialized pediatric clinic, Children’s TherAplay works within certain parameters. The following questions will help you determine whether treatment at Children’s TherAplay is a good fit for your child.

    1. What kind of disability?

    Our clinic serves children with a wide variety of diagnoses. Any child who is in need of quality physical, occupational, or speech therapy may be appropriate to receive therapy at Children's TherAplay.

    2. Are you looking for hippotherapy?

    Here at Children's TherAplay we incorporate the treatment strategy of hippotherapy into pediatric occupational and physical therapy sessions. We do not offer therapeutic/adaptive riding, which is a sport/activity. 

    3. Do you have a prescription?

    Children’s TherAplay is a medical facility and a prescription is required for treatment. When the initial evaluation is scheduled, a member of our staff will contact your child’s physician for a prescription as well as a medical form that indicates appropriateness and any contraindications.

    4. How old is your child?

    We treat children from the ages of 18 months (two years for kiddos with Down syndrome, due to atlantoaxial instability) up to 13 years.

    About Those Tweens

    • The maximum age for new/prospective patients, at the date of their initial evaluation, is 12.5 years. 
    • Established patients may continue receiving treatment until their 13th birthday or until they reach our weight limit.

    5. How much does your kiddo weigh? 

    A weight limit is in place and at the discretion of the treating therapist to ensure safety. 

    We treat children up to 80-100 pounds based upon the child’s functional status. A lesser weight limit of 40 pounds may be implemented for children requiring more assistance with sitting and ambulation. 

    6. Can your child tolerate wearing a riding helmet?

    All patients must be able to tolerate being fitted with and wearing an approved riding helmet for the duration of each on-the-horse treatment.

    7. What is your child’s head control like?

    Children must have adequate head control to be able to tolerate the movement of the horse.

    8. Any contraindications?

    As with any other treatment strategy, there are certain conditions – allergies to horses, for example – that do not mix well with hippotherapy. When the evaluation is scheduled, the referring physician will be asked to complete a medical form to confirm appropriateness and clear the patient of any possible contraindications. 

  • Initiate A Referral

    Step 2: Initiate A Referral   

    After confirming hippotherapy is a good fit for your child, complete and return the New Patient Information Form below:

    Complete The New Patient Intake Form

    Please note: There is often a waiting list for physical, occupational, and speech therapies. You may want to send in the form several months before your child is ready to begin treatment.


    After you complete and return the New Patient Information Form, you will receive an email from our team confirming that your form has been received and that your child has been placed on the waiting list for treatment. 

  • Evaluation

    Step 3: Evaluation    

    Appropriateness for ongoing services will be determined by the evaluating therapist. When an evaluation time opens up for your child, a member of our staff will contact:

    • You – to schedule a pre-evaluation meeting and your child’s evaluation.
    • Your child’s physician – to request your child’s prescription, medical history, and confirmation that your child is cleared for treatment at Children’s TherAplay.

    What happens in the pre-evaluation meeting? 

    During this meeting, which generally takes place 30 minutes before your child’s evaluation, our billing coordinator will review policies and procedures, billing information, and your specific insurance policy information. 

    Use this social story to help preapre your child for their first visit! 

    First Trip to TherAplay

    Please note: Details about your insurance benefits and how they relate to treatment at Children’s TherAplay will be provided as a courtesy. If you have questions about your insurance, the best person to speak with is your insurance representative.


    That's it! We look forward to meeting you and your kiddo! 

  • Insurance

    We are a licensed medical facility and accept third-party commercial health insurance, Indiana Medicaid, and Children’s Special Healthcare Services, as well as private pay.

    • In Network Insurance: Anthem, United Health Care, Cigna, Medicaid, Medicaid Entities

    • Out of network plans may have out of network benefits. Individual plans will vary, contact Brenda Adamson at to verify your benefits

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