Little Feet, Big Impact. 

For over 22 years, our Hippotherapy services have provided life-changing results for children with disabilities and/or unique needs in our community. As we see an increased need for these services, our need for more open, uninterrupted space to provide a better quality of care grows with it. 

Our new Community Engagement Center will help us do just that by providing additional therapy space for crucial big movement activities, room for group therapy and more camp programs, opportunites for families to connect with the community, and include a vector gait system - making Children's TherAplay the first pediatric facility in Inidana to have this system. Learn more about what this space can provide and how you can help below. 

While we seek to improve the therapy experience for kiddos and their families, we strive to learn from, engage, and connect with the members of our community as well. Altogether, the new Community Engagement Center will provide more treatment, more service options, and more opportunities for growth. With your help, we can work to meet the needs of our kiddos and their families. 

We're ready for the final phase. Will you join us? 


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  • The Vision

    The Vision

    With the addition of the Community Engagement Center, we will provide more treatments, more service options, and more space for growth and development. This includes: 

    • Additional gym space with high ceilings for therapy equipment, large open space for bike riding and obstacle courses, and an ADA-accessible ramp to the arena area. 
    • Space to host 75 to 100 people for conferences, workshops, and family-focused social events. 
    • On-site childcare room for community events. 
    •  Workshops and educational events with other disability service organizations to help inform families and the community.
    • A vector gait system - a body weight support harness system used during gait training and other forms of rehabilitation. This will be the first pediatric vector gait system in the state of Indiana. 

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    Physical Therapy Gym 

    PT Room_No Naming Right

    Our additional physical therapy gym will have more treatment space, including high ceilings for therapy equipment, large open space for bike riding and obstacle courses, and an ADA-accessible ramp to the arena. The gym will include a Vector Gait System - a body weight support harness used during gait training and other forms of rehabilitation. 

    Community Room


    Our community space has played an important role in our ability to serve our community for over the past twenty years. In the new Community Engagement Center, we will be able to increase the size of events, workshops, conferences, and parties we can host, allowing us to bring more of the community in to see the Children's TherAplay mission in action.


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  • FAQ's

    Frequently Asked Questions  

    We know with any change comes questions. If you don't see your question answered here, drop us a line, and we will get back to you shortly! 

    When will construction begin?

    Construction will begin in the spring of 2024. We will be releasing phasing information on our construction process as we approach each phase to help clients understand what to expect in our environment during each phase. 

    Will my child's therapy be affected by the construction?

    Children's TherAplay will remain operational during our construction process. Any element of the process that is going to impact our therapy sessions will be communicated with as much notice to the family and directly to those who will be impacted. 

    How much money is needed to complete the project?

    The total cost to build the Community Engagement Center is $2.0 million.

    Where should I park during construction?

    This project will not impact family parking. 

  • Brick Campaign

    Leave A Legacy: Brick Campaign

    Leave your mark by purchasing a brick, paver, or plaque with your family's name on it, or commemorating a special kiddo moment! brick campaign

    Bricks and pavers purchased through the Brick Campaign will lead up to the new Community Engagement Center. Funds raised through this effort will support our Giddy Up & Grow Capital Campaign. 

    Completed order forms should be returned to Kassie O'Malley at

    Download the Buy-A-Brick Form

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  • Give Now

    Give Now

    Thank you for your interest in making a gift to the Giddy Up & Grow Capital Campaign. By donating to Children's TherAplay, you are making a lasting impact on the lives of the kiddos we have the privilege of serving.

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