Little Feet, Big Impact. 

Since 2001, The Children's TherAplay Foundation has changed the lives of countless children with special needs through physical and occupational therapies on horseback. And our kiddos aren't the only ones benefitting; parents have a front row seat to seeing the longterm effects of hippotherapy in their child, watching him or her grow stronger and more independant each and every day. 

In the last five years, the number of therapy treatments we provide has nearly doubled. Simply put, the converted horse barn we have been operating out of for nearly two decades can no longer keep pace with this growth. 

We're ready for a change. Will you join us? 

By expanding and renovating our current facility, we will provide more treatments, more options, and more space for growth and development in the lives of our kiddos and their families. Together, we can serve more kids, and serve more kids better. 

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  • The Vision

    The Vision

    By expanding and renovating our current facility, we will provide more treatments, more options, and more space for growth and development. This includes: 
    • More space, including dedicated private evaluation and treatment rooms. 
    • The addition of speech therapy as an option for kiddos, making Children's TherAplay a one-stop shop for services. 
    • A dedicated life-skills area, equipped with child-sized kitchenette and restroom
    • Centralized administrative offices
    • Spacious waiting rooms with expanded views of the arena and both family-friendly and quiet areas
    • An all-weather event and meeting space, which will serve as a venue for fundraising events
    • Increased capacity, helping reduce the number of children on our waiting list. 

    Download Complete Floor Plan      Download Case Document

    Final Playground (002)Gymnasium 

    Our new clinic gymnasium will offer some of the gross motor activity equipment we have used in the past, as well as many additional pieces of equipment, which will allow us to offer children of all ages fun and developmentally appropriate therapy tools. We will have a large climbing gym, complete with a rock wall. Our expanded space will allow us access to multiple swings at a time, so therapists do not have to spend valuable therapy time switching out swings based on the needs of each child being treated. 

    Final LobbyLobby

    We are so excited to offer our families comfortable and spacious waiting rooms with work counters and stools with plenty of outlet space, and comfortable furniture configurations to allow families the ability to relax during their waiting time. 



    Final Fundraising and Party RoomParty & Fundraising Room

    Our party and fundraising space has played an important role in our ability to serve our community for the past nineteen years. In our new facility, we will be able to increase the size of events, workshops, conferences and parties we can host, allowing us to bring more of the community in to see the Children's TherAplay mission in action. 

  • Our Progress

    Our Progress

    Visit this page often to check out updates on the project! 


  • FAQ's

    Frequently Asked Questions  TherAplay_Dec_2018_29415

    We know with any change comes questions. If you don't see your question answered here, drop us a line, and we will get back to you shortly! 

    When will construction begin?

    Construction is set to begin in Summer 2019. We will be releasing phasing information on our construction process as we approach each phase to help clients understand what to expect in our environment during each phase. 

    Will my child's therapy be affected by the construction?

    Children's TherAplay will remain operational during our construction process. Any element of the process that is going to impact our therapy sessions will be communicated with as much notice to family and directly to those who will be impacted. 

    How much money isTherAplay_Dec_2018_29762 needed to complete the project?

    The total cost of our construction project is $3.6 million. We have raised over $2.8 million to date. 

    Where should I park during construction?

    All parking details will be communicated to parents and families well in advance of each phase of construction. 

    When will Children's TherAplay begin offering speech therapy?

    Children's TherAplay is already preparing for the addition of speech therapy in our clinic setting and we are hopeful to have this available to our kiddos in 2020. 

  • Give Now

    Give Now

    Thank you for your interest in making a gift to the Giddy Up & Grow Capital Campaign. By donating to Children's TherAplay, you are making a lasting impact on the lives of the kiddos we have the privilege of serving.

    Children's TherAplay will be accepting pledges to the campaign through December 2020. Pledge payments will be accepted for an additional four years. 

  • Share Your Story

    Share Your Story

    We have just under $900,000 left to fully fund our $3.7 million project. YOU have made that happen, and can follow along every step of the way as we inch closer to the goal! 

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    Visit The Capital Campaign Hub Page

    Follow along and track the progress on our Capital Campaign Fundraising Hub Page. This platform allows you to not only see how close we are to goal, but also share the page with friends and family to ask for a donation. Sharing the page is simple! 

    • Use the Fundraising Tool Kit for sample social media posts and email templates. 
    • Share your TherAplay story and send the link to friends and family.
    • Watch the donations roll in! 

    Questions? Contact Emily McDermott, Annual Giving and Communications Manager

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