From the Greek word hippos meaning horse; a medical treatment utilizing the purposeful manipulation of equine movement as a treatment strategy to address functional goals

In simpler terms: through hippotherapy, specially-trained physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech/language pathologists apply the movement, rhythm, and repetition of the horse as a treatment strategy to help patients achieve therapeutic goals. 

How does it work? 

It’s all about movement. The horse’s pelvis shares the same three-dimensional planes as the human pelvis. This movement is multi-dimensional and provides systems-wide impact. 

Receiving the movement transmitted by the horse’s pelvis helps the kiddos develop physical skills  essential for daily life. 

In short: The dynamic movement of the horse combined with the dynamic environment leads to functional change. 

By applying different combinations of patterns, speeds, and riding postures, our highly-trained therapists are able to provide precisely the sensory and neurological input each child will benefit from most.



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