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By giving today, you give hope for kiddos to reach new heights tomorrow. Thank you for your support of children with disabilities, and ensuring access to the transformational outcomes hippotherapy provides. 

  • Denea's Story

    Written by Denea's Mom, JingLinDen1

    Denea is a fun-loving and happy girl full of energy. We noticed her differences when she was 18 months old. She was nonverbal and ignored people, [was] throwing objects repeatedly and moving around without paying attention. Her official diagnosis of autism came before her 2nd birthday. The most hopeless part for us was the feeling of disconnection from our little girl who seemed locked in her world. 

    After a year of traditional therapy, only noncompliance was noted. Her pediatrician referred her to TherAplay. She first started with OT, [and] we soon noticed that she verbalized “ride horse” whenever we drove by TherAplay. Later we signed her up for speech and PT since she showed motivation on horseback.
    Denea has now been [at] TherAplay for more than one year and we surprisingly noticed she began to request [her therapists] “Miss Jackie”, “Miss Joanna” or “Miss Karina” instead of “ride horse”. That is the core goal for Denea since autistic kids tend to focus on objects rather than people. She just amazingly opens her mind to engage with people through hippotherapy at TherAplay!
    20C_96_2676095_307388267_4 (1)We never thought therapy could be this fun and also effective. Denea has met some therapeutic goals at a fast tempo, [and] she even participates in adaptive programs of swimming, ninja, and hockey! The most important part is she is getting a lot closer to us with quality joint engagement and verbal communication. We are gradually getting her out of her own world and into ours. 

    TherAplay is not only a therapy clinic, it’s more like a second home with family members who are caring, passionate, and professional, who help our daughter explore her full potential, and guide her to be connected to the world. 

    “Your support to TherAplay would give hope to kiddos who are struggling in their world to open their minds and experience the beauty of this world!”

    -Jing, Denea's Mom

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