Give The Gift Of Hope This Holiday Season

By giving today, you give hope for kiddos to reach new heights tomorrow. Thank you for your support of children with special needs, and ensuring access to the transformational outcomes hippotherapy provides. 

  • Willow's Story

    “Our hope was that our daughter could break out of her isolated world and begin to communicate.”


    Jennifer reached out to Children’s TherAplay for occupational therapy after Willow was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, shortly after her third birthday. 

    “She would not respond to her name and was not communicating with us other than crying out of frustration. While we felt relieved to have a diagnosis, the unknowns associated with Autism were very scary.”

    "Willow loves her time at Children’s TherAplay. She is showing interest in playing with others, she is affectionate and now meets every challenge we put in front of her with more focus and confidence because of the skills she has Picture1gained to help her communicate and relate to her world."

    “Willow will face many difficulties living with Autism so her future rests on the opportunities she has to effectively develop skills to prepare her for the future.”

    -Jennifer Hoover, Willow's mother


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