Physical and Occupational Therapies with Horsepower

Simply put, there is something remarkable about the tool of hippotherapy. Even children who have had only limited success with physical or occupational therapies in a traditional clinic setting have been known to thrive at Children’s TherAplay where hippotherapy is a key component of each child’s physical and occupational therapy treatment.

Physical and occupational therapies at Children’s TherAplay are by prescription only and include evaluation and treatment, both in our child-focused clinic and on horseback. Treatment is individualized to meet each child’s needs and takes place, one-on-one, with licensed therapists who are specially-trained to work with the movement of horses in a clinical setting.

In all of this, the goal is to enable children with special needs to live life to its fullest.

Physical Therapy

Focuses on gross motor movement. By addressing the gross motor developmental milestones like sitting, standing, crawling, and walking, PT lays a broad foundation for all other skills.

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Occupational Therapy

Focuses on essential daily activities. By analyzing and addressing the many different skills required, OT makes everyday tasks like getting dressed, brushing teeth, writing or drawing, self-feeding, or playing appropriately with peers, possible.

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Hippotherapy is a tool that, at Children’s TherAplay, specially-trained therapists incorporate into PT and OT. Approximately half of each one-hour treatment occurs on horseback.

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