Equine-assisted physical and occupational therapies change lives

Day in and day out we see the children with special needs overcoming obstacles, accomplishing what their parents were told—by well-meaning doctors and therapists and teachers alike—were impossible: sitting up, standing, walking, running, tying their shoelaces, feeding themselves, going up and down stairs for the very first time — living life to its fullest.  It’s possible because of the magic of hippotherapy  and support like yours.

Meet Lauryn

Developing strength, balance, and coordination

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Meet Joan

Tackling mobility challenges of cerebral palsy

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Meet Jonah

Addressing sensory processing challenges

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Counties Served in Indiana

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One gain at a time

Because treatment at Children’s TherAplay is individualized, the families we serve are able to work towards the functional gains that mean the most to them. 

Large and small, we celebrate them all.

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Children's TherAplay golf event

Children's TherAplay Golf Event

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