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When I think about Joan from when he first started [treatment at Children’s TherAplay] to where he is today it reinforces the power and the magic of hippotherapy. ... It’s incredible.
— Occupational therapist Leah

Meet the Kiddos

Success Story: Meet Joan

Children's TherAplay has been an amazing tool for Laila's success!
... We definitely consider physical therapy and hippotherapy at Children's TherAplay to be a blessing!
– Laila's mother, Victoria

Laila's come so far!

Success Story: Meet Kiddo Laila

As Brayden’s riding the horse, the horse’s movement helps mimic the human gait and the weight-shifting patterns that he needs to learn to better walk on his own and [it] builds up that core muscle strength.
– Brayden's father, Todd

Cheer Brayden on!

Success Story: Meet Brayden

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